Our Guide to Buying Traditional Handmade Confectionery

22nd May 2018 | Posted by Lauren


Traditional Handmade Confectionery is our best-selling promotional confectionery item and we have 3 main types, each one with different attributes which are outlined below.

These are all made in our Factory in Blackpool, where the skills of the Sugar Boilers really come to the fore. This is an art that in the modern automated world is getting more and more difficult to find.


These are very traditional sweets handmade in our factory in Blackpool.

They are made just like a bar of rock and the lettering and colours are down to the skill of the sugar boiler.

A giant bar of rock is made approx. 60kg in weight and 30cm in diameter -this is rolled down to the size of a sweet !!

This giant bar is sliced when still hot, then wrapped into individual sweets.

There are no pantone books to match colours or moulds to make letters, so if you want complicated logo’s these are not the option for you.

They are however our most popular sweets – they are unique, can be any colours and flavour, very cost effective and we can make them within a couple of weeks.


Just like the Rock Sweets, these are made by hand, initially into a giant bar which is then rolled into long lengths approximately 20ft long !!!

This is chopped when cooled down slightly into short “bar of rock” sizes, then a personalised label is inserted whilst each bar is individually wrapped.

It takes 4 to 5 people to make, wrap and pack each batch of rock – this batch is called a boiling.

Depending upon the size of the bar you get approx. 1000 bars per boiling.


These are a very authentic British product made in 20kg boiling’s, which gives you approximately 6000 humbugs.

They are pillow shaped and can be striped to match your company colours, as we do with the Rock and Rock Sweets.

As they are unwrapped they need either bagging or packing into jars otherwise you would just have a lump of boiled sweets stuck together !!

All the above products are British Made here in our Blackpool factory, it really is a dying art, one which we are committed to upholding. Please consider these to support manufacturing in Britain.

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