Top 5 Summer Confectionery Giveaways – by Lauren Vallely

8th August 2018 | Posted by Bex Peoples

Top 5 Summer Confectionery Giveaways

So, Summer. British summer time is always a bit hit and miss, we never really have an “in between” summer, it’s always either scorching or miserable.

2018, so far, has been a hot one and on track to become the hottest ever, only second to the heatwave of 1976 (some of you may remember it but, for a change I can say, I am too young!)

When we wistfully think of summer, we like to think of long car drives (well those of us who don’t happen to live beside the sea), windows down, a cool breeze on our way to that lazy beach day or a stroll along the promenade enjoying the gorgeous weather, when in reality in Britain, it’s usually miles long, stand still traffic in a hot car, jostling for the perfect spot on the beach before going home sunburnt hoping for that perfect tan after our only day of sunshine.

Talking about the beach is the perfect way to lead into the first of my top 5 Summer confectionery giveaways, Rock – Bars of Rock and Rock sweets.

Some people may say, hey! no! that’s two products! but they’re still in the same family and it’s like trying to decide which of your children is your favourite so I had to include both!
The Bar of Rock is a seaside staple, I highly doubt that you can arrive at any seaside destination in the UK without being able to purchase one but Blackpool is definitely the home of Rock.
Walk along the promenade and you will pass countless shops and stalls with an array of colours and flavours, each one trying to offer a unique bar to catch your eye.
That’s exactly what we aim for with the bars we can produce for you, up to 5 colours of your choice to the outside, up to 18 letters through the rock again in the colour you choose and a full colour digitally printed label it’s perfect for promoting your brand. It’s hand made here in Blackpool to your specifications. Rock sweets again, can be produced to your specification but in a more bitesize portion, rock sweets are produced in a similar way to the bars of rock but it’s cut into smaller pieces and individually wrapped, perfect for sitting in a bowl on reception. How could I forget to mention, Flavour! From traditional Fruity to the not so traditional Beer flavour there’s bound to be something for you.

My number two in my top 5 summer confectionery giveaways is Bottles of Water.

Okay, so not a stereotypical confectionery item I know, BUT a nice, cool, refreshing bottle of water on a hot day is just what everyone needs, armed with our bottles and your branding you could be remembered as the hero of the day for giving them out.

Number three and four of my top 5 are both perfect for the long car drives I mentioned earlier.
Number 3 is the Travel tin.

Personally, I am not a fan of hardboiled sweets but by the amount of travel tins we produce I would say there is a great majority of people who are! For example, Tom has said to me on more than one occasion how he remembers his grandparents having a tin in their glove box and him sitting in the back of the car eating them. The tins are great because the full colour digital label is on the lid meaning it can’t be missed every time someone fancies a little treat.

This leads to my number four, the Retro Tub.

This would be my perfect car confectionery companion, fits nicely into a cup holder and has an assortment of retro sweets from lollies to chews. Great for adults and children alike this would definitely go down well on a long journey. The fact it fits in the cup holder is handy and the label will be in eyesight consistently.

So, I’ve spent a few hours staring at our new website (take a good look around if you haven’t already) and the first four of my top 5 seemed quite obvious when I was looking for my inspiration but number 5 has been a hard choice, nothing I considered seemed right that was until I realised one product would be the perfect number 5, Flagpops.

I think any of our many lollies (take a look at the lolly page) could have been my number 5 but the reason I decided on the Flagpop was because I realised that it looked like a beach ball and now I’ve seen it I can’t see it as just the lolly anymore. We’ve a wide variety of colours available, perfect for matching branding and with the digitally printed “Flag” I think it makes a great promotional giveaway.

So now a brief summary of my top five, Rock/Rock sweets just screams summer at the beach, Bottles of water for cooling down on that one hot day we usually have, the Travel Tin & the Retro Tub both for those long journey’s to an adventure and the Flagpop because well, it looks like a beach ball and that’s summery isn’t it!

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