Most Popular Products of 2021

21st December 2021 | Posted by Nicola Laverick

It’s been a long year this year, but we have all managed to get through it!

And thanks to our customers we’ve had a great year with new and old products being popular as ever. Here are our most popular products of 2021!

1) Rock Sweets

Of course Rock Sweets would make it onto the list, how could they not? I’d be pretty disappointed if a confectionery company in Blackpool didn’t have Rock on their popular products list! What’s not to like about these? You can have them personalised in a variety of colours, flavours and have a small message or company name inside. Did I mention the wrappers are biodegradable?

2) Chocolate Neapolitans

5g of chocolate might not be a lot to some people but sometimes the gesture is enough to brighten someones day as a hand out, a token of thanks on a pillow in your hotel, or a memorable way to promote an opening for a new store. Personalised with a 1 colour foil block to the wrapper, variety of colours to choose from for the foil wrap and available in different flavours, including plain chocolate which is Vegan firendly, these little guys make a huge impact.

3) Classic 8 Chocolate Box

Now this product is for the people who love more than 5g of chocolate. Filled with an assortment of 8 luxury swiss chocolate truffles and personalised with a 1 colour foil block print to the lid. Perfect as a staff thank you for their hard work or as a welcoming gift to hotel guests.

4) Eco Tubs

One of the newer members to our sweet family is our Eco Tubs! Available in small or large and personalised with a digitally printed card sleeve, these are a cute little hand out at events, openings and exhibitions. Who doesn’t want an eco friendly tub full of sweets?¬† Don’t forget these are made out of PLA which is manufactured from Corn Starch which is a renewable plant source making it biodegradable and compostable.

5) Header Bags

Think of our Header Bags as the fancy cousin that turns up every now and then to outshine all the other bags. They have to be a bit extra with their personalised cards instead of a generic label. Still filled with tasty treats, designed to your liking, but with a bit more pizzazz.

6) Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Nothing says cosy like a mug of hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows and sipping it in front of a fireplace. Now, we can supply you with your own little hot chocolate stirrer kit for you to sip…but unfortunately you’re gonna have to find your own fireplace. Just pour yourself a mug of hot milk, immerse your stirrer and watch the magic unfold.

7) Postal Treat Box – Movie Night

🎵 Saturday night at the movies, all you need is confectioneryyyyy…🎵 Anyway enough of that. You thought we only did small confectionery items didn’t you? Nope, Our Postal Treat Boxes are packed full of a variety of delights, big and small, sweet and savoury…you get the idea. As always this product is personalised with a digitally printed label on the inside of the lid!

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